Creating beautiful art with pouring acrylics

This week we were proud and excited to host our first workshop in Acrylic Pouring , which we’ve been developing and fine-tuning for quite a while. And what a lot of fun we had!  Our students got stuck in straight away and created some amazing pieces.  We focused on learning the basics of paint mixing, using flow mediums and creating cells, and quickly moved on to pouring and swiping, after which we gave the students an old LP record to ‘play’ with before turning it into a clock.  Their creativity knew no bounds.  It soon became clear that each student had his or her own flair and style for working with this medium, and subsequently each piece they created is unique and beautiful in its own right.

Pouring acrylics are very easy and safe to work with, and there are many, many different techniques that can be used. You only have to go to Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram to be inspired by the hundreds of ideas and methods that have been used to make stunning pieces using this medium. You can pour onto canvas, wood, glass, furniture, boxes, LPs, stones, plant pots, vases, in fact pretty much anything that can be laid flat or poured over during application. The paint and materials that we use are inexpensive and specially designed for pouring.

And the great thing is that you need absolutely no prior knowledge or experience to create your own stunning pieces. This fun-filled activity is for everyone – including kids!

So keep an eye out for the dates of our upcoming workshops, which you will find on this site or on our Facebook page.   We will also run special workshops on request.

Hope to see you soon!