Decorative Paint

People who see painted furniture, featured walls and kitchens featured in a magazine, or on Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube, or in a stockist’s shop such as Vintage & Lace, often wonder how on earth they could do the same thing in their own spaces… For years and years, specialised paint techniques have been applied to special effects that today, are a lot easier to achieve than ever before! There are so many different brands of paint and finishing products out there, with prices that are either really very expensive or cheaper to suit various different budgets, but the real trick is learning that it is actually so very easy to paint things and be very creative yourself. We’ve had years and years of experience decorating and painting furniture and kitchens and can offer all sorts of qualified advice.

We’re an independent store:

Independent means: adjective 1. Free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority…; 2. not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. Noun 1. An independent person or body.

…, focused on you, the customer, the “end-user”, and we make very sure that we only use products that work – and when it doesn’t, we know exactly why.

Independence is important, particularly in today’s world where so many people try to sell products and make promises that really just shouldn’t be made and can’t be kept, all in the interests of “expanding the bottom line”… It’s a commercially shocking and greedy world we live in these days. We’re here to help YOU! Make an informed choice, on that, is easy to understand, is well considered, that will save you from spending money on unwanted results… We can help you to get it right the first time around.