Tips for Using Decorative Paint, Glazes and Waxes

Chalk-like paint, glazes, soft waxes and sealants

View our tips on how to use decorative paint, glazes and waxes. Chalk paint or chalk-like paint is a name used by many different brand names and is generally a water-based decorative paint. Many brands have a beautiful velvety finish but can also be used in a way similar to the very well known ‘chalkboard’ paint. It is generally a highly pigmented paint in clear rich colours made with little or no black in many instances, and as such can be easily mixed and layered without the colours becoming dull or dirty.

One of the unique and attractive benefits of chalk-like paint is that it can be applied to almost any surface with little preparation, and it dries very quickly compared to oil-based or acrylic paints.  It can be painted onto furniture, walls, floors, concrete, wood, ceramics, metal, glass, fabric – just about anything you can think of…

There are numerous colours available that are pre-mixed, and these can very often be mixed to create your own special colour. Everything from soft pastels and beautiful neutrals to bright and strongly coloured combinations.

Items decorated with chalk-like paint are sealed by waxing, applying a glaze and/or a sealant which is either glossy, satin or matt and can be used either indoors or out, depending on your unique requirements. The trick is to use the right sealant that is non-yellowing, hard-wearing and designed for hard-wearing surfaces such as tabletops, kitchen counters, kick-plates and outdoor furniture.

Many of the paint and sealants are water-based which makes cleaning of brushes, hands and spills simple and quick to clean up. Brushes used for waxing can be cleaned using a detergent such as Sunlight Liquid in warm water. Very seldom is there a need for a stronger, non-water based sealant to be used.

Tips for using chalk-like paint:

Most surfaces need no preparation. There are a few exceptions:

If you treat your painted furniture as you would any other piece, ie. with respect, you will get many years of pleasure out of it.

Tips for using wax:

Sealant lacquer:

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